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The Pacific Rim Pet (Traders) LLC (PRT) was established in 2006 to provide sales and service to the Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) industry in both North and South America. Headquartered in San Francisco, Pacific Rim PET is the direct extension of Dragon Special Resin (DSR) and as of August 2015 PRT now also imports PET resin (Lotte Chemical Corporation) LCC from S Korea. PRT is responsible for all logistics, warehousing and sales for the North, South and Central Americas Markets. PRT is headquartered in San Francisco, Ca.

Founded in 2002, Dragon Special Resin (DSR) is a PET resin manufacturer based in Xiamen, China. Its resin production line is capable of producing 240,000 metric tons of FDA approved PET resin. LCC has capacity of 670,000 metric tons of FDA approved PET resin. Both suppliers are vertically integrated with their own supply of PTA for the manufacture of resin. At PRT with our established global logistics network, we oversee the complete supply chain for customers and provide innovative solutions for the ever changing global market.

  • As the sales arm for both North and South America, Pacific Rim PET supports the vertical integration philosophy of the Dragon Group by providing timely and cost effective customer service.
  • Lotte Chemical Corporation is now the main supplier of PET resin to PRT in the USA due to Department of Commence CVD and AD duties imposed starting on August 14, 2015. PRT is a distributor of LCC resin in USA only.

PRT sells and warehouses various grades of PET resin including: 80IV, 85IV, Heat-Set and Fast Re-Heat resins. The Pacific Rim Traders is here to supply your PET requirements in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. Request a sample of Asia’s premier PET resin from either DSR or LCC” Pacific Rim PET “Your Asia Source.”

Download our brochure using the link below.  This is available as a PDF file

PRT Brochure