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Dragon Special Resin

Dragon Polyethylene Terephthalate resin

Polyethylene Terephthalate is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family that is used in beverage, food and other liquid containers, synthetic fibers, thermoforming application and engineering resins often in combination with glass fiber.

Dragon Bottle Grade PET resin

The Bottle Grade Chip is a clear and strong polymer with exceptional gas and moisture barrier properties. The major characteristics are odor-free, non-toxic, highly transparent, air-tight, light weight and easily transportable. With its uniformed size, stable viscosity and excellent processing ability, Bottle Grade Chips produce high product yield and fully conform to international standards for food-grade usages due to their low heavy metal, acetaldehyde and ash contents. These FDA approved resins are ideal for beverage bottles and food packaging. The molecular weight of PET as indicated by its intrinsic viscosity is of primary importance. Maintaining a relative high I.V. is required for producing high quality bottles.

  • TLE-101: IV of 0.80 dl/g for PET water bottle
  • TLE-102: IV of 0.85 dl/g for PET carbonated soft drinks

Download the ISO 9001:2008 using the link below. This is available as a PDF file.